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[89] He performed his repertoire of spirituals on the radio. [232] Unable to travel to Moscow, he accepted the award in New York. Robeson was only the third black student to be accepted by Rutgers College, winning a scholarship in 1915. "And there is an 'Othello' when I am ready..One of the great measures of a people is its culture. https://www.geni.com/people/Paul-Robeson/6000000012259347266 [142] The Commissioner of Nigeria to London protested the film as slanderous to his country,[143] and Robeson thereafter became more politically conscious of his roles. [177], Robeson participated in benefit concerts on behalf of the war effort and at a concert at the Polo Grounds, he met two emissaries from the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, Solomon Mikhoels and Itzik Feffer[178] Subsequently, Robeson reprised his role of Othello at the Shubert Theatre in 1943,[179] and became the first African American to play the role with a white supporting cast on Broadway. We boast of the culture of ancient Africa. [104] He was summoned for a Royal Command Performance at Buckingham Palace[105] and Robeson was befriended by MPs from the House of Commons. [159] In Wales,[160] he commemorated the Welsh people killed while fighting for the Republicans,[161] where he recorded a message that became his epitaph: "The artist must take sides. The bond between black American activist and Welsh coal pit workers was not as unlikely as it sounds: there, Robeson once said, he “first understood the struggles of white and negro together – when I went down into the coal mine in the Rhondda Valley, lived amongst them”. [270], Paul Jr. believed that his father's health problems stemmed from attempts by the CIA and MI5 to "neutralize" his father. He was blacklisted for saying this in the mainstream press within the United States, including in many periodicals of the Negro press such as The Crisis. [235] In his opinion, the Soviet Union was the guarantor of political balance in the world.[236]. A lingering thought: if only. harvnb error: multiple targets (2×): CITEREFRobeson1978 (. [258], In October 1960, Robeson embarked on a two-month concert tour of Australia and New Zealand with Essie, primarily to generate money,[259] at the behest of Australian politician Bill Morrow. [29] The coach, Foster Sanford, decided he had overcome the provocation and announced that he had made the team. On a trip to Moscow, Robeson experienced bouts of dizziness and heart problems and was hospitalized for two months while Essie was diagnosed with operable cancer. Create a commenting name to join the debate, There are no Independent Premium comments yet - be the first to add your thoughts, There are no comments yet - be the first to add your thoughts. [44] His play at end[45] won him first-team All-American selection, in both his junior and senior years. FBI record, "Paul Robeson". [35], After a standout junior year of football,[36] he was recognized in The Crisis for his athletic, academic, and singing talents. [173] Nevertheless, during a tour in 1940, the Beverly Wilshire Hotel was the only major Los Angeles hotel willing to accommodate him due to his race, at an exorbitant rate and registered under an assumed name, and he therefore dedicated two hours every afternoon to sitting in the lobby, where he was widely recognised, "to ensure that the next time Black[s] come through, they'll have a place to stay." Nineteen years after his death, Paul Robeson was finally inducted into the Rutgers College Football Hall of Fame. Chillun's opening was postponed due to nationwide controversy over its plot. [330][331], In 2007, the Criterion Collection, a company that specializes in releasing special-edition versions of classic and contemporary films, released a DVD boxed set of Robeson films. However, when the organizers offered tickets on generous terms to the National Negro Congress to help fill the larger venue, both sponsors withdrew, objecting to the NNC's Communist ties. [182], During this period, Robeson also developed a sympathy for Republic of China's side in the Second Sino-Japanese War. [301], Subsequently, in 1945 he received the Spingarn medal from the NAACP. "[E]ven without an organic predisposition and accumulated pressures of government harassment he might have been susceptible to a breakdown."[269]. This so enthralled them that they booked Provincetown Playhouse for a concert. But think of the operatic roles and art songs that he might have tackled, had he lived in a different era – or had his own been more open-minded. Born: 9-Apr-1898 Birthplace: Princeton, NJ Died: 23-Jan-1976 Location of death: Philadelphia, PA Cause of death: Stroke Remains: Buried, Ferncliff Cemetery, Hartsdale, NY Gender: Male Race or Ethnicity: Black Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Singer, Actor, Activist Nationality: United States Executive summary: 20th Century renaissance man In the early 1960s he retired and lived the remaining years of his life privately in Philadelphia. When asked why he had not remained in the Soviet Union because of his affinity with its political ideology, he replied, "because my father was a slave and my people died to build [the United States and], I am going to stay here, and have a part of it just like you and no fascist-minded people will drive me from it! [251], He embarked on a world tour using London as his base. In 1960, in what was his final concert performance in Great Britain, Robeson sang to raise money for the Movement for Colonial Freedom at the Royal Festival Hall. AKA Paul Leroy Bustill Robeson. After taking a law degree at Columbia, Robeson began to work for a firm of lawyers, but resigned after facing racism within the company. [24] Prior to his graduation, he won a statewide academic contest for a scholarship to Rutgers and was named class valedictorian. Robeson performed in Britain in a touring melodrama, Voodoo, in 1922, and in Emperor Jones in 1925, and scored a major success in the London premiere of Show Boat in 1928, settling in London for several years with his wife Eslanda. His deep bass timbre, the eloquent power of his projection and the all-embracing humanity of his booming tone were captured in the 1936 film adaptation and make an unforgettable impression.

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