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Really, it’s a very common technique, I’d rather say a “classic” one. Cockos Incorporated Forums > REAPER Forums > newbieland: parallel compression: am i doing it right? Electricthing- did you ever find a resolution to your phasing issue? I don't have RComp, but I do have some Waves plugins that seem to create this issue, as well as IK Multimedia plugs. I am not sure, but I think doing it your way you have a higher CPU usage ?! Common audio mixing application of this technique includes parallel compression and implementing effects on … I use both methods depending on just about everything else that's going on. I heard Parallel compression can improve the tone. That’s why parallel compression is often used on drums and percussion. I shot a video and posted it below so you could see and hear how I set this up on my drum tracks. Learn how your comment data is processed. You apply a compressor as a send/return fx this way and not as an insert fx, I see. Or is parallel processing only eq and compression. As a Plugin Boutique and Loopmasters affiliate I earn commission from purchases through links on this site. (You can't see the actual routing as they are always routed to the 'master/parent' - which is the same column as the actual master track.). Side note: when I want to create a buss, like a drum buss, I usually just put all of the individual drum channels into a folder track. This is done by setting up an aux track where you'll send various channels from the drum kit to be processed, then blended in parallel with the rest of the drums. Second, we've re-assigned all of the outputs of our drum tracks from output 1-2 to unused bus outputs (select all the tracks and use OPTION-SHIFT to assign all at once). specially in drums. Hi and thank you for all the work done with the course and the uploads, I’m a student of Electroacustic Music Composition at the 1st Academic year on a Conservatory in Italy and i enrolled in this series of courses because i use this DAW for music production and i wanted to know more about it, you did really a good job with all the explanations and the tutorial i’ve seen and i’m really excited to follow all the course in this blog, if it can be helpful i would suggest just a more precise explanation of the shortcuts you use to open automations and other parameters during the works, but just if we want to be really critics ahahaha, Really thank you for all the works and the upload of the 3rd part of the beginner course that i’ve just see. The aim of this website is to be an indispensable resource for the REAPER user community, providing news, reviews, tips & tricks, and detailed tutorials on music production using the REAPER software. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. to you for explaining so clearly and sharing this knowledge. The REAPER Blog participates in affiliate programs by Amazon and Plugin Boutique/Loopmasters. Congrats! Don't Fear The Reaper; Parallel Compression in ReaComp: Confirm/Clarify; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Instead in Reaper it is much simpler to create a track with the effect on it at 100% wet as normal, and then use sends to the track to control everything. Zoom in and note the offset from the original. I'm using Reaper.. how exactly do you do parallel compression on drums? Folder tracks are obsolete and clumsy to use at this point in time as you cannot move them around on the mixing board, and they make the routing matrix useless. REAPER always had the universal track class and introduced bussing folders later, for the convenience and organisation they bring. In Reaper one can do that in a simpler way - a CPU friendlier way. That's the very point of folders, it's completely clear that child tracks always route to the parent and the routing matrix is still a valuable device to manage all tracks that are not in folders. You kind of want to avoid the wet/dry control in the plugin anyway for parallel work. Andreas Ö. January 28, 2014 at 4:57 am. Put a js time adjuster plugin set to negative the offset on the track with the offending plugin. Then you can simply mix between them and/or go back and easily solo or mute parallel elements and so forth. not too often, I’ll use RMS size if I’m trying to copy the sound of a different compressor. Thank You. You can use this technique on ANY instrument including vocals, bass, electric guitars, whatever! I just like using some of the better New York Compression VST's. I’m confuse about this so important subject. I do a parallel compression and reverb on every song I mix. Yesterday I watched someone applying parallel compression in a daw. But after taking these Beginner Courses I feel more confident and have began to practice and explore. There's only one instance of the Comp either way, and I don't believe that the "extra" track adds enough CPU usage to bother thinking about. I agree, it is a great compressor! ), Great new audio jobs at Soundtree Music, Ubisoft Malmö, Avid, MY.GAMES, PitStop, Improbable, Harman, Ubisoft Lyon, EA DICE, Amazon, King, Spatial, Loove Labs, MSG Networks, NBC Sports Group, and Apple, how to EQ and apply compression to rock vocals, how to set up multiple reverb buses, and why. Render a small section. I like to use the method of metal_priest, not only because you have more freedom with a separate track for. HoRNet FatFet CM uses and old oversampling algorithm when the HQ mode is activated that had phasing issues in the antialias filters, so if you are doing parallel compression and want that sound, just turn off HQ and the phasing should go out. The workarounds suggested in this post make it impossible to mix in real time without moving all of my drum tracks from their original positions, which makes me nervous, or rendering my sidechain tracks which is a PITA if you want to continue to make changes to the settings. Step 8: Set parallel compression. Setting up parallel compression on drums is really that easy. The original was dry without any fx, the 2nd was with a compressor fx. It's a matter of taste, I think. I did something similar, did many tests using different (pirated, sorry) plugins from the great plugin-makers of today on drums in particular, but decided that I could be without the piracy and just go with the Reacomp. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Aha! Being a beginner that I am, I wish you could point me in the right direction to a basic course on setting up gain staging, proper track levels and such. If the knob is moved to the very right (=100%wet) the audio signal is completely compressed. Affiliate links are clearly marked. Thanks for your comments Arturo! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. When I first started using REAPER I was very intimidated and amazed in knowing that I had a TopNotch DAW to work with but had a vague idea as to how to take advantage of all it offered. Until some time ago, when I hear talking about “parallel compression” I was used to think about that concepts too hard to understand, due to the complexity of the topics. Compression for Guitars 9 of 10. Drum bus, mix bus, and parallel compression with ReaComp. For my purposes the routing is simpler while having the same ability. I can't seem to lock down how far out it is timing-wise. Compression for Bass 8 of 10. Sorry, serr but unless I misunderstood your post (and the similar post you made before elsewhere), that's all completely wrong... (sorry if I didn't get what you mean).

Michigan State University College Of Human Medicine, Left Handed Guitar Tabs For Beginners, Pine Wood Furniture, Types Of Management Models, Pcl5 Molecular Geometry Bond Angles, Zotac Gaming Geforce Gtx 1650 Oc Gddr6, Public Health Policies 2019, Mexican Fish Entrees,