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Remeber that we all love to throw a percentage or two in our discussion, in order to make our arguments more bullett proof. Is being a statistician boring? It’s just some way of mushing up the data that we have. I had both in school and I could see that most of the people that had these problems hated math. I’m still not the best in Math but I have tried to improve my capabilities over the years. Statistics is the science concerned with developing and studying methods for collecting, analyzing, interpreting and presenting empirical data. The response also relates to lack of knowing how to respond to your branch of study. In 99%+ of cases you encounter in real life, just treating your sample as if it’s your population and going with whatever’s in it is how you get the best guess. If so, then every field of endeavor is worthless. Want to Be a Data Scientist? Make learning your daily ritual. I must know. I created my own YouTube algorithm (to stop me wasting time). People, right? I can relate to many of the above posts. Maybe you could ask some follow-up studies to see if anyone falls into one of these groups of responses. So much statistical information is impenetrable because of it being poorly communicated. The American Time Use Survey recently released results for 2018. Anonymous. Many (most) people are uncomfortable with abstract thinking. With websites like your we can interpret and manipulate the results to our needs! You are so excited by the parameter! Watch overweight and obesity rates move up over several decades. Make great charts. Perhaps the instructor didn’t get it, or didn’t do the examples well. In the hands of pikers, statistics seem to diminish existence, to shrink the world (rather than make it larger and more filled with detail which statistics in the hands of talent can do). man, where are these comments coming from all of a sudden on this old post? 7 Answers. MANSING P. I have to take it to graduate with my degree. For any non-statistician who thinks stats are boring, I’d recommend the two books by the author of that second link, Fooled By Randomness and Black Swan. So I have proven to you what you have known in your hearts all along: statistics are boring! Its practitioners have the courage to call every little possible way to plot data a “tool” or a “method”. To get something else, we’d have to be incorporating more information (which we don’t have in this example) or we’d have to make assumptions… at which point we’re again dealing with something other than facts. If statistics is taught by first showing WHAT you can do with it, then it becomes more enjoyable. It’s true. By reading further, you accept these terms and conditions. I hate statistics for a number of reasons: What comes to mind when the typical human thinks of the word “population”? i am not a statistician, nor am i a fan. Just as boring. Food science majors report a median pay of $50,200 a year early in their careers and $85,600 by mid-career. That’s what the legal contract says. I recommend this: Companies from all sectors look for statistics experts, including pharmaceutical and insurance companies and Wall Street firms. What’s different? 0. It is not part of our population. Q.E.D. A population is the collection of all items that we are interested in. Should we be concerned with the difference and why? dislike for logic-related subjects – people perceive them as cold and impenetrable. The reverse is also true. All the people! Statistic! Hatred of math tends to stem from difficulty with math and bad teachers. You’re looking at the legal contract at the heart of the whole pursuit. Who thought this junk up???? Confusing? A population can be people, pixels, pumpkins, Pokémon, or whatever else strikes your fancy. In my university the people who started computer science division were all statistics major minor in statistical computing. However, after a few years of non-use, I needed a refresher to complete my studies at University. For our exams we were allowed to use our book and any old exams, and new exams differed from those only in nouns and numbers. 1 decade ago. stats is fun for me i might go into it too u prolly could get a job wit stat degree. When they do land a … Actually, it’s a misnomer. Not just one or two of them but many. However, as Fabian has mentioned above here, the media has tended to dumb stats down to the point where people only comprehend percentages. Take a moment. Shrug off those p-values, you don’t need the unnecessary stress. 0 0. Since we cannot compute the parameter, we can only make a best guess about it using a statistic. You don’t even need a course! However, people need statistics to rationalize and understand large groups of data. How many times do you read a statistics statement and think to yourself, ‘well… that’s not quite the right wording.’ Full correct statistics therefore does not lend itself to visual or narrative interpretation, unlike even calculus, frequency-domain analysis, or even multidimensional topology. You might get more extreme versions of this animosity in people who are more commonly understood ‘Humanities’ or ‘Creative’ subjects, where they will lead you to an understanding that they are interested in art and aesthetic subjects that are much more important than dry technical subjects. Statistics is absolutely full of concepts for which you have to think; let me give you two very simple examples:- Suppose I am buying a circular disks of expensive metal that costs me so much per unit area. A parameter summarizes the population for you. “One or two awesome, mostly sub par”, @Xavier – actually all of my CS professors were pretty dynamic. Both are conversations stoppers too – and usually for good reason. Why are statistics so boring? To avoid any of the above when working with statistics requires much effort and intense thought. I studied statistics in school and loved it, but is also the merit of my two teachers I had, by the way, my BA is in Political Theory and Comparative Politics. I’m going to jump in with the “How it’s taught crowd”.

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