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thank you and keep it up. In case you don’t realize, it’s pretty obvious on the Internet when a commenter has a stake in what they’re commenting on. Sorry my ‘self-indulgent attempt at humor’ didn’t make that point more clearly. Wow, a lot of research — and concern — for someone who just happens to like their food. I think field roast is the best company ever. Field Roast? Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Are you friends with the Field Roast guy or just a self-hating vegan? And for the record…my initial reaction to your post: ‘Kinda sounds like the fault of the rogue salesman and not Field Roast. As to your comment that you “never listed anything as Field Roast that belonged to another brand” — take a look at the photo of your sign which reads: “Ask about our WorldFest famous vegan corn dogs.” Here’s a link to the Merriam-Webster definition of “our” which when written on a sign hanging directly under your giant Field Roast sign at the booth that’s registered and listed as Field Roast certainly implies that it’s Field Roast. Okay, I decided, they’re there and selling Field Roast items I can’t get in stores, so I’m going. However, you take it to the extreme. I was completely on your side until the guy apologised and you tore him a new one? I wouldn’t. Maybe you will be a success in life monetarily if you continue to rip people off, but if that’s what you mean you have a different definition of success than I do. It has always been my goal at Worldfest to make my customers happy by serving delicious Vegan food and that’s why I serve Field Roast. Anyone who buys Field Roast products or attends any vegan food fair should read this, as perhaps Walter is not the only criminal practicing this kind of deceit. If I had t-shirts for my blog I’d send you one, but instead please simply accept my eternal gratitude. Don’t work for the company or know anyone who does – I just live in Seattle and have been on a tour of their facility – great folks, fine product. I’m totally appalled at Walter and his obvious greedy deception. Our easy swaps mean they don’t have to be bad news for your waistline or cholesterol levels, as Hannah Forster explains. It does have a significant amount of sodium, but as long as you aren't on a low sodium diet it's not bad. So I’ve still got the people at Field Roast this upset after six months? Insult, degrade – anything but a genuine intelligent argument. Still have questions? Part three: The Green Truck has egg on its face, Part two: The Green Trucks give me the blues, This vegan burger isn’t vegan so they can Green Truck themselves, Oh Whole Foods, it’s getting worse not better…, Whole Foods continues to botch its vegan/vegetarian labels, Natural Products ExpWHOA! What do vegans eat at Thanksgiving with the family? In fact, I am going to write a letter to the California Attorney General’s office, as well as the state of Washington’s Attorney General’s office and the FDA, and submit my evidence and photos, and let them decide if Field Roast was victimizing the vegan community here, or was itself perhaps the victim of a fraud. It has lots of protein. But I imagine 95 percent of your customers did not ask, because they assumed, as would pretty much anyone, that the Field Roast sign and Field Roast name on the WorldFest website meant that this was a genuine Field Roast booth, not one set up without the knowledge and authorization of Field Roast. I wish more people really cared about right and wrong. I just found this blog and read most of the posts above. You said that you were over-charged but then they cleared it up. And I heard it wasn’t the first time, either. Seriously, is just a bunch of doubletalk to cover your behavior or do you really believe the nonsense you’re spouting? I was really excited. This guy can hide behind his f*%king keyboard in efforts to spew hatred against a company and hardworking people. It was registering the booth as Field Roast without their permission or knowledge, and not revealing to the 99 percent of your customers who didn’t ask that most of your items weren’t Field Roast at all, but instead cheap frozen food. This is all my fiends and family buy. You can only cook enough for two orders? Seriously, you need to get a grip. And as to your comment that you “placed the product packaging in public view to allow the public to see the brand names and ingredients before buying” — well, that is just a flat-out lie. You can get them at Viva La Vegan or at some of the Seventh Day Adventist stores, like the one I sometimes go to in Glendale. But I did see on their twitter that they were also at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago today. Your evidence clearly shows that they were NOT passing themselves off as Field Roast. People today want things as fast as a txt message or email. First; It is clear, on its face at least, that everything you report is accurate, and that a completely bogus product was being sold with the apparent imprimatur of the Field Roast company. So if I decided I wanted to sell food at WorldFest, and went to one of those Kinko’s-type places and had a big Daiya banner printed, and then went to register as a vendor and was told that the name I’m registering with must match my big sign, so I registered as Daiya even though I knew I was doing this without Daiya’s knowledge or authorization, and so “Daiya” is the name that WorldFest listed on their website and publicity materials, and then when people deciding whether to go to WorldFest looked on the WorldFest website and saw there were going to be vendors like So Delicious and, hey look, Daiya, and so decided to come down to WorldFest, and then waited in a line twenty-deep in the hot sun at my Daiya booth, and saw signs I’d hung up offering five different kinds of vegan grilled cheese sandwiches, and then were served sandwiches made with inferior, cheaper vegan cheese that I’d bought at some warehouse or supermarket, then that would all be completely okay with you ethically if the nachos I sold that day actually had Daiya on them even though the five other cheese items I served did not? You can enter your email and I'll let you know about new insufferable posts. (a cow/pig/chicken ) landing on your plate. Why would WorldFest allow this to happen? If you weren’t so many people wouldn’t stop to tell you that you were. “Doesn’t your headline of this blog ” DID YOU EAT A TORTURED ANIMAL TODAY?” have that snide, alienating attitude that people associate vegans with?”.

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