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Ne ho le palle piene! Quel figlio di puttana mi ha rubato l’autoradio, Quel figlio di buona donna mi ha rubato l’autoradio. Sega is handjob in Italian. Testa di cazzo and testa di minchia correspond to “dickhead”, and are commonly used to indicate an unkind, unpleasant and bad-mannered person. Cazzone and minchione literally mean big penis, and can be used as direct insults. In this post, you’ll learn a lot of swear words in the Italian language that you can use to vent your anger or frustration and plenty of ways to insult someone in Italian. The same proven method as “Ripeti con me!” with a collection of bad words (parolacce) used in everyday conversation to argue and curse people. Are you kidding me? The days of the week in Italian: a complete guide, Mangiare in Italian: the verb “to eat” and its culture, Months of the Year and Seasons in Italian, With the Italian audio course “Ripeti con me!”. She has a lifelong passion for English and studied Linguistic and Cultural Mediation at the University of Milan. It is also used to say that you suck at something. In the most basic sense, sfigato means “loser”, and can be used to refer to someone who is uncool, dorky, clumsy, hapless or very unlucky. Sfigato – Loser. For example: Martina ha vinto alla lotteria. Essere del gato. Che minchia stai dicendo? It is so common that it is not even perceived as dirty anymore. Italian swear words like this not can’t be used lightly or shouted at someone without consequences. For example: Sei un cazzone/minchione / Sei una cazzona/minchiona. As an exclamation, it can express anything from surprise to disappointment, frustration and extreme satisfaction. I used to laugh when my grandparents used to have an argument in Italian and they’d slip in a swear word that I understood. It’s more important to speak the truth in whatever idiom than to worry about the appropriateness of it all. The most controversial Italian swears revolve around religion. Vaffanculo is probably the dirtiest, nastiest and most famous curse word of all. L’albergo era vecchio e sporco. Italian swear words can add punch to a political speech in a piazza, where feelings are more important than thoughts. 10 rude Italian phrases you can get away with. Italian language and culture, Italian vocabulary. It corresponds to “kiss-ass” in English and is invariable. Figlio di buona donna, literally meaning “son of a good woman”, sounds like a more polite synonym, but is frequently used sarcastically. These are not necessarily Italian bad words. However, these angry Italian phrases might well help you win an argument! A great way to express anger at stubbing your toe or dealing with traffic, “porca puttana” is a colorful way to say “dammit” or “damn”. – I like how you kiss me. Sono stufo di questo lavoro. “Better curses than hypocrisy,” some would say. Che culo! In Italy, when something truly pisses us off, we yell “porca puttana”, which literally translates to “pig slut”, and is used in a similar way as “bloody hell”. Culo means “ass, butt”. Thanks God, “motherfucker” doesn’t have an exact equivalent in Italian. In this post, I have mainly focused on swearwords and insults that are commonly used in standard Italian. Ho dimenticato il telefono in casa! The respected singer Luciano Ligabue — Italy’s Bruce Springsteen — picked this title for his latest single: “E’ venerdì, non mi rompete i coglioni” (“It’s Friday, Don’t Break My Balls”). It literally translates to testicle. In the past, having a large waist meant that you were well nourished and that was enough to be considered lucky. It indicates someone that bothers you, or annoys you. He has been condemned several times for fraud and libel. There’s even a song called vaffanculo. Passion and humor are at the core of Italian society and, if those things might be considered irresponsible at times, Italians can always repent with a few Hail Marys and start again. Consider morto di figa the Italian version of calling someone a poonhound or cunt-struck. One of the most fascinating things about swearing in Italian is that the vocabulary is so vast, rich and colorful. — “cazzo” actually means penis) is another. Here’s a special lesson about Italian swear words! It includes the word culo (ass) that I explained above. 100% clean alternatives are scatole (boxes) and i cosiddetti (the so-called). It is extremely offensive in southern Italy. Porca madonna, porca miseria, porca puttana are the most common and are straightforward. So what? Let’s explore the true beauty of Italian hysterics and the wicked humor of their swearing. Gnocca, typical Bolognese version of figa, is widely used with the same meaning. I promise that this is the last of the Italian swear words with testicles. As was mentioned earlier, if you aim to be extra offensive, target family members. If you ever come to Italy, you will hear the word cazzo a lot. Nevertheless, he’s always on TV insulting people with a variety of Italian curses. It indicates someone who is insignificant and unimportant. If you want to insult someone’s manhood, you could take a homophobic turn with frocio, ricchione, culattone and rottinculo, which are all slurs for gay people. Consider this the Italian version of “fuck off”, “fuck you” and “screw you”. Sono brillo / brilla. A slightly milder alternative is finocchio, which means fennel, but has come to mean homo. Some “with balls” is brave and has a strong character. E allora? The F word in Italian is vaffanculo! If you want to use a clean version, say porca miseria, which means “pig misery/pig poverty”. Are you tired of repeating boring textbook sentences? Learn to curse like an Italian with this collection of swear words! In Italy, blasphemous expressions shock and offend way more than vulgar and sexual swear words. Personally, I wouldn’t call them swear words, but rather scientific jargon for body parts. I hope that these Italian curse words have made you laugh. What?! Non voglio parlare con te. Cavolo is inoffensive and harmless enough that even children say it. They are another way to say idiot, dolt and chump in Italian. If someone or something stands on your testicles, you have a strong antipathy for it. If someone has a faccia da culo, or la faccia come il culo, it actually means that they have a lot of nerve and are very direct. Palle or coglioni is the slang for testicles. A fairly common Italian insult is stronzo, which corresponds to “asshole” in English. Clean alternatives are rompiscatole, literally box breaker, and spina nel fianco, which has its almost literal equivalent in “a thorn in my side”. Merda is used in exactly the same way as “shit” in English. The phrases below are divided by ratings, so if you’re feeling extra saucy, scroll on down to very bottom. Even if you don’t use them, knowing these swear words will allow you to fully understand what is being said around you, since you will surely come across them often when in Italy. All the above expressions refer to someone being really, really annoying. The word vaffanculo, or fanculo, is the contract form of the phrase “vai a fare in culo”, which literally means “go fuck someone in the ass”. Remember to change the ending when referring to a female. When they’re turning, it means that you’re angry and nervous, in a bad mood. It is a very raunchy, rude and offensive expression, especially when accompanied by a vulgar hand gesture that mimics the classic head-push during oral sex. When it comes to curse words (parolacce) and insults, no one does it quite like the Italians. I mean, don’t use them at dinner with your Italian in-laws. If you want more audio lessons for free, check out the preview of the first 10 lessons of “Ripeti con me!”. Anything that sucks makes you shit. Now, it just a sign of luck. Required fields are marked. They’re used in everyday conversations, especially the milder bad words. Here’s a free preview of my special lesson about Italian curse words: If you like it, download the full lesson and start swearing in Italian today!

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