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However,... View answer. If your baby is facing slight allergic reactions to bananas, your doctor would advise you to feed your baby with small pieces of banana. I panicked and went and showed my oh. once we had a picnic and my lo kept eating grass every opportunity he got, next day it had gone out of my mind, I changed his nappy and it looked like streaks of blood in his poo. For those who have fed their LO's bananas already, did you notice black bits in your LO's poo? Rahi Bhushan Supergirl. In rare cases, gray stool is a sign that there’s … - BabyCenter India. You can offer a cooked banana in small portions to your baby, as it is much safer than the raw ones. I have always eaten bananas all my life, but never ... BM (which would seem to make sense). MD. my 6 month old has just started solids.his poo so far was normal yellow in color. " Rare Causes. Premium Questions. 1 Answers. Can Bananas cause black specs in stool? my 6 month old baby does green poo after eating banana? Can eating bananas cause black specs in stool? that looks like banana to me, you should see after they have blue berries their poo goes black lol. he studied it for a min then said I bet that the grass lol. Answer: My dear baby is getting constipation after having banana so avoid giving your baby banana instead give your baby papaya and other fruits like Chiku, Apple, prunes etc to have. Poop after feeding Banana - Page 2: Was there small black thread like wormy looking thing in your baby's poo after feeding banana? As a banana ripens, ... One study including 34 women with excess weight examined how eating bananas affected gut bacteria . You can give foods like steamed carrots, as it is a safe first food for babies instead of banana. Copy Link. Log in Sign up. But whenever he eats banana his poo turns leaf green in color.he doesn't however seem to be in any pain or discomfort.Should i continue giving bananas to him? What causes green stool in a baby after eating apple/banana/mango? "Gray stool can occur if a baby begins eating more dairy products, such as when you wean him off of formula and onto dairy milk. Baby poop after eating bananas black sand . I am eating a lot of green veggies and lean protein. Are those worms or just fiber from the banana still wondering!! Question: Baby not pooping after eating mashed banana in milk ? This change in color can also be the result of taking antacids, which doctors sometimes prescribe for babies who suffer from severe heartburn, also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD." Black bits in poop after eating banana: Hi mommies! He's on some meds for allergies/chest congestion and has been having several bowel movements per day since. Similar Questions with Answers. Advertisement. I just fed my DS banana yesterday and he's had black bits in his poo. Question.

Where To Buy Reclaimed Wood Near Me, New Crocs Logo, A Friend In Needle, Acnh May Day Maze Guide, Old Cycle Png, Vector Wine Glass,