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A tube is a natural pressure vessel, and Bass is about pressure. allows for efficient transfer of bass. Very happy with this purchase, bang for the buck is high for the bazooka. We were having issues with blowing our speakers and once we installed the Bazooka subwoofer we did not have any other issues with our speakers. Sonic Electronix is not responsible for typographical or illustrative errors. Directions were pretty clear. They work great. It's rugged structure and unique shape allowed me to place it in a tight space in my boat. Acoustic Damping Fiber concentrated into one output point. I have used it all summer often for hours at a time in 100+ degree weather and running through good swell in the main channels. Integrated Amplifier Amplified Bass Tubes With a weatherproof integrated amplifier and Bass Tubes enclosure, Bazooka Amplified Bass Tubes are the perfect upgrade to any vehicle or marine audio system. In comparison to the other marine subwoofer enclosures, these Bass Tubes last longer and produce more It was a good addition to the rest of the system.. Quick easy install. The The integrated amplifiers are performance matched to the specific woofers used in Bass Tube enclosures to ensure that every watt of The only issue I have from time to time is the power plug comes out of the back of it if we hit a good wave. accurate bass. enclosure, and a nylon composite mounting system for the tubes. power is efficiently turned into bass performance. I have the unit only 1/2 way turned up and it is perfect. This is a great product for the price. The bass energy created by both the forward and backward motion I got this sub from Sonic at the beginning of summer 2014. • 250 Watt Built-in Amplifier, • 350 Watts RMS • 1050 Watts Max • Polypropylene Cone • Santoprene Rubber Surround • IP56 Marine Certified • Tested for salt-fog, UV and humidity • Quick-Connect Wire Terminals, • 300W RMS • 600W Max • White and Titanium Grilles Included • Marine Grade Waterproof 10” Subwoofer • High Density ABS Construction w/ UV Coating • 100% Waterproof Sealed Back Speaker Frame • Frequency Response: 30 - 4,000 Hz. Marine Certified 10" Power Amplified Bass Tube; Power Output: 4 ohm: 200 watts; 2 ohm: 275 watts; Patented Bass Tubes enclosure design; Water resistant enclosure; Weather resistant Velcro reinforced mounting straps; Salt, fog, and UV certified for 5 years The acoustic damping material helps lower the resonance of the I recommend this speaker if you need some more lowes. As all in one solutions go, you simply can't beat the A100 Amplified Bass Tubes by Bazooka. Woofer This is perfect for my boat. Reflex" technology to take advantage of both the forward and backward Sounds good but need to get it out on the open water to get the full effect. Founded on innovation, our patented Bass Tubes enclosure is just the starting point for a line of unbeatable audio products. The corner acts like a megaphone, All Bazooka Woofers used in Bass Tube enclosures feature large, high excursion, lightweight foam edge rolls to maximize their efficiency and overall bass output. Other than that it has been great through a solid season of fun. is placed into the corner of a vehicle. Perfect for my boat. The subwoofers and enclosures are waterprrof and can be mounted just about anywhere on the boat. • Marine Certified 10" High-Power Amplified Bass Tube • Water Resistant • Salt Fog and UV Certified • Nickel-Plated Thumb Screw Terminals • White Paint Finish • Velcro Reinforced Mounting Straps • Magnet Size: 28 oz. substantially increasing bass performance. Click here and we'll help. A good friend of mine has a large wave/surf/ski boat that has a tricked out JL system in it and he said he thought my bass was equal to his for 1/5 the price. environment. In addition to all of this, they feature plated speaker terminals, stainless steel hardware, UV resistant The port opening between the Tube Enclosure and the Port Tube Bass Tubes enclosures utilize "Bass of the woofer are time aligned so that 100% of the woofer's output is Each of these Bazooka Marine Bass Tube subwoofers are Corner Loading Marine Certified 10" Power Amplified Bass Tube, Weather resistant Velcro reinforced mounting straps, Bazooka MBTA10250D White amplified marine tube-style subwoofer with attached grille, Four 1" stainless steel self-tapping screws, Power/Input wiring harness with 14-pin Molex plug. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Port All trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective trademark holders. Shipping Returns Warranty Registration Installation Manuals Wiring Diagrams Patents & Trademarks FAQsSAS Corporate, Fast Free Same-Day Shipping on Orders Over $50. Installation was easy once I decided not to hang the sub but to install it on the floor behind a kick panel. They’re optimized for corner loading and feature variable gain adjustment to allow you to tune to product just the right amount of bass. Introducing the Bazooka Marine Bass Tubes. This is a great subwoofer and very easy to install. The install of the unit was simple although I chose a bit more complicated place to keep it out of the sun, and out of site. As pioneers of compact, high-quality bass speakers since 1983, we are dedicated to manufacturing the audio gear you love for the ultimate music experience. and you will be able to hear the incredible difference. Installation is Simple! Might order another if it hits good but still need a little more. Would be nice if Bazooka made some options on how to secure, but no big deal. I wired it up under the passenger console on a dual battery set up in a 19.5' Seaswirl. Fire the speaker into a wall about 2" away or a corner of the boat. We will do our best to research your vehicle quickly and provide fitment guidance. Just what I was looking for. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. It fired right up and flat out rocks for it's size and the price. If it were inside a hard toped vehicle it would hit harder then it does but it still sounds pretty good.. Good buy for the price - compared to buying separate amp and subs.. I'm going to need to build a custom bracket to hold in place. It came ready to go and only had a little scratch on the grill, not enough to return it. Tube Enclosure It has held up great. Very happy with my purchase and puts a new meaning to a party boat. Not sure of the mounting straps or the marine worthiness yet. Don't let the instructions scare you away from using the line in RCA connectors. Efficient UV-resistant ported enclosure. Port Tube the natural amplification characteristics that occur when a subwoofer of the woofer, wasting no bass energy. I have this Sub installed in my `90 Jeep Wrangler.. Having the amplifier integrated into the enclosure simplifies the installation and eliminates

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