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and curation

let’s talk brand…

“ ubiquitous organizing principle for so many things – companies, products, people…”
as described by Amanda Hess in a recent NYTimes article.

At Orange Line Studio, the focus is more on solving your problems – not just creating a “brand”

How do you want to be recognized by customers?

What should customers know, think, and remember about you?

What does each touch-point communicate about your value to them?

your visual identity comes through first

Your visual identity is always communicated first. It’s the instantaneous impression that we’re now all trained to absorb in a nano-second.

We may not know why a website or landing page looks good or bad, but we instantly click away when we’re not impressed.

You want your customers to be impressed – to put you in the realm of top quality businesses they recognize online.

Next, it’s the content you take in more slowly – the smaller details and subtle messages within graphics and photography. It’s also the impact of the big words – text you can absorb in a flash.

Lastly, the other words. Those words that – if you take the time to read – will provide a deeper understanding of what you do and how you go about doing it.